Hello, my name is Lola, and I’m looking for flatmates. I am a clean and neat cat, I like to play all day and sleep at night. I am very affectionate and a good eater, I get on well with dogs and cats. I’m a real player! I am looking for a human family that …

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Grillo, the oldest of the cats abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Almost 3 months of sweetness. Grillo purrs at the sight of you and loves to be in your arms.He is very very affectionate and playful. Ready to fill your home with love and pleasure.



Nero is 6/7 weeks old. It was abandoned in the middle of nowhere.Super nice, friendly and playful.He loves to play and jump with his brothers and sisters. Dewormed and ready to find a family.


Aidan y Nadia

Aidan and Nadia are brother and sister. Almost one year old. Sterilised. Not vaccinated yet. They are a lovely pair of cats in one of our foster homes, but looking for an permanent joint adoption. Ria


Golden and Honey

Golden Golden and Honey were rescued at a large construction site while machines were clearing the ground. Their mother probably panicked when she heard the loud noises, but hours went by and she didn’t come back for them, so we had to take care of them so they wouldn’t starve to death. Their human mum …

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Lili, the pretty girl, is Naya‘s sister. Curious and independent, she will give you fun times if you give her the chance to share your life.



Naya is a fun-loving and affectionate little girl. Together with his sister Lili, he is waiting for arms that will give him lots and lots of cuddles.



SIMON, this 8 week old kitten, has just started to eat on his own, he is very friendly, loving and playful. Margarita



Felisa was rescued after she was hit by a car. She was injured with a broken tail and part of her tail had to be amputated. She is a bouncy, active and affectionate cat, and now she is just looking for a chance to be with a loving family.

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