Hello, my name is Toni and I am the brother of Trudy, Tory and Rudy. I am a restless and alert kitten and I love to play. If you think I can be part of your life, please contact us.

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I’m Trudy and you’ve caught me here looking for a little place to escape and meet my family, haha. Will you let me come with you?

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I’m Tory, a cute and playful kitty. I have been so calm because I was posing for you to see me. Will you take me with you?

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Hi, I’m Rudy. I was abandoned in a cardboard box with my sisters, but I am a positive kitty and I want to believe that humans can be good. Will you give me a chance?



Khloe is one of five sisters rescued from a feral colony. Her mom has already been taken to the vet for spaying. Khloe is sweet and serene, only “makes noise” when she plays with her little sisters. Dare to make her happy.

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Kim is one of five sisters rescued from a feral colony. Her mom has already been taken to the vet for spaying. Kim is a quiet and loving little girl who loves her flying butterfly toy.



Leia is a princess who appeared one day in the middle of a street car park. Her foster mummy has been looking after her ever since. She is alert and playful. Leia is love concentrated in a kitten and loves to nap on your lap.



Ron is Harry’s brother. Shy in character, he loves cuddles and sleeping with you.



Jimena is a kitten who was born in a colony together with her siblings Jubal, Jela and Jara. We rescued them and now Jimena is waiting for that chance to grow up happy and safe that without our rescue would not have been possible. Jimena is a happy and calm kitten, who will fill your …

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Alex y Evan

They were abandoned when they were still helpless babies who needed their mother. With lots of cuddles and care in their foster home, they have been growing healthy and strong and are now ready to go to new families. Alex, the grey male, is more timid and independent. Evan, the white/tan male, is calmer and …

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