Gatos y Amigos

Cats are our passion

Who we are

AGYA (ASOCIACIÓN GATOS Y AMIGOS) is a charitable association that mainly covers the coastal area from Marbella to the Conception Line and the countryside behind it, but in principle we help everywhere in Andalusia.

The Association was founded in 2013 – and has since made great progress.

We urgently need more volunteers, partners and sponsors, donations and sponsorships to continue our work and make it possible for us to achieve our future aims and goals.

What we do and want to achieve

gato abandonado

Agya promotes awareness of the need to sterilize, care for and protect all felines, whether domestic, wild or abandoned.

We believe that the existence of stable, controlled, cared for and protected feline colonies is beneficial for all.

To achieve this, AGYA uses the C.E.S. Protocol (CAPTURE, STERILIZE, RELEASE). This method provides the solution to avoid feline overpopulation by controlling and regulating the number of new kittens born. It also avoids fights and markings of unsterated males that cause general rejection of residents in areas where there are uncontrolled colonies.

More information about Protocolo T.N.R.

Our main goals


To protect abandoned and stray cats by all possible legal means, promoting their respect and care by the population and condemning violence and mistreatment against them.


Promote the existence of stable, controlled and protected street cat colonies by volunteers and partners of the Association, as well as enhance the adoption of their members.


To raise awareness of the need to sterilize domestic cats and to fight their abandonment on the streets.


Request collaboration from local entities when controlling the various colonies of cats within the municipality, rejecting such collaboration when it involves the extermination of cats.


Prepare a register of all stable cat colonies within the municipality.

veterinary clinics

Contact the veterinary clinics in the area to assist in the development of the purposes of the Association.

AGYA's Work

It is intense and very demanding for the volunteers who cover and deal with the many problems of the felines. These workspaces include:

  • The C.E.S. Sterilization Protocol that requires hours and days of hard work and a lot of patience. (here you could add statistics)
  • Caring for, feeding and protecting controlled colonies
  • Treat with domestic cats ‘LOST’ and ‘FOUND’.
  • Rescue and deal with many abandoned cats, wounded and sick savages.
  • Resettlement and adoptions that include the need for foster homes for the care and domestication of orphaned kittens.
  • Coordination of AGYA veterinarians.
  • I work with the media: advertising, design and website management.
  • Recruitment of members and volunteers.


Fundraising Activities and Events

Monthly collection of food and donations at local supermarkets Carrefour and Mercadona.

Sale of handicrafts made by volunteers such as brooches, bracelets, painted stones, paintings and calendars.

Coffe Mornings: Monthly AGYA coffee at The Sea restaurant in Estepona where funds are raised for the Association.

Organization of sporting events such as the Golf Tournament and the Christmas fundraiser.

AGYA President Eugenio Blanca, Board of Directors, AGYA partners and volunteers work tirelessly with compassion, dedication and perseverance in all these areas of the feline sphere.

In recent years the CES Protocol has gained “momentum” and speed and tremendous progress has been made in all areas of AGYA’s work areas.

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