Benarrabá se dice SÍ al proyecto CES gatos

Today is a great day!!

Today 18 August at 13:00. In the village Benarrabá people say YES to the CES Benarrabá cat project.


It’s a project where cats will be managed by City Hall through AGYA (CATS AND FRIENDS ASSOCIATION) coordinated with volunteers in Benarrabá.

This way we’ll get Benarrabá cats to reduce their numbers, avoiding so many births, and neighborhood problems.

Thank you to the present here:

  • Silvestre Barroso Jarillo, mayor of the city council of Benarrabá.
  • Eugenio Blanca, president of the “Asociación Gatos y Amigos” AGYA.
  • Silvia Saldaña, Association of Environmental Education the Animated Forest. AEA BA.
  • Ester Barranco Lucena President of the Patraix GATS Association in Valencia.

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