It is a legal obligation not to harm the cats.

Since many years cats are peacefully living within the Urb. Vista Bahia in Casares Costa. Official volunteers of AGYA have been feeding these cats in a responsible way in a garage from a cooperating neighbour.

The cats are semi-domestic and not feral at all, so do not pose a serious problem in Vista Bahia.


For no apparent reason, the president of the community has decided to follow up on some complaints from owners who do not live permanently in this urbanisation.

He now wants to “get rid” of the cats in the urbanisation, which is not possible anyway because they can freely walk in and out.

So he ordered us and the owners to stop feeding the cats.

With help of the townhall environment technician Cristóbal, we have been trying to help with a useable solution.

The townhall of Casares has always been very helpful successfully realising feeding stations in several areas in Casares.

Cat Feeding Station ChicoColin

Cristobal and AGYA have suggested a perfect alternative for the garage within the urbanisation, but the president and administrators Gaemu are obstructing this solution.


The “solution” proposed by the president and Gaemu is that AGYA has to solve the “problem” of the Communities and they say that at the back of the Urbanisation, near the containers, should be used.
This would mean that the cats have to cross dangerous roads which condemns the cats to be run over.

Gaemu wrongfully informed the owners of Vista Bahia that AGYA will help removing the cats.
AGYA’s aim is not to solve the problems of the Communities, but we offered help if the president and Gaemu are willing to cooperate.
In this case to accept an useable solution, which is in our opinion the area that we have shown them.

We decided to publish this on our website to inform anyone, that it is the Communities responsibility to take care of the cats in their Urbanisation.
And that it is a legal obligation not to harm the cats in any way.
Moreover, if there are no cats in the urbanisation, the community takes the risk of returning vermin, including rats.

We know that this Urbanisation has several much more serious problems, so we do not understand why the President of the Community chooses the wrong priorities.

If someone notices mal behavior against animals they can contact the Guardia Civil – dept. Seprona – telephone 062 – e-mail

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