She is 6 months old, spayed, tested negative, vaccinated and dewormed.
She is ready to go to her new home!

She is a beautiful kitten but she needs more time to adapt to her new home.
We are looking for someone with experience with cats for her because she is very shy but at the same time she is a playful and salty kitty!

She needs a quiet home, if possible without children as she is a bit scary.
You have to be patient but as we were talking about the other day… it will be worth it and very much.

We know it’s going to be a bit complicated because many people want the perfect kitten. Tita is perfect, she is a diamond that needs to be polished a bit so that she trusts you and starts to shine.

If you think you can be her ideal family please contact us!
We know it won’t be easy but there must be a home out there waiting for her.

Tita adopted

26th February

Tita in her new home 😍

I left him all his toys, bed and sandbox so that he feels at home.

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