The newly rescued kittens

Recently came to the ears of Margarita, our volunteer coordinator, the case of 5 kittens that had ended up in “El Paraíso” Center where they systematically slaughter the animals.

It was immediately launched and with the invaluable help of Silvia Zamora, from Triple A we were able to rescue them.

They returned in very bad condition and with the smallest we were afraid of the worst, but we are happy to inform you that 4 are wonderful with our dear Maria and Laura who foster them and being their mummy.

Kittens with their foster home

And the smallest, the sickest...... was immediately adopted by another of our foster homes, Hilary


And of course by Ginny


Remember Ginny?


Therefore we’re going to name her Honor Volunteer so it helps us 💘


And now he shares toys with the little one in the house and he's happy.

This dog has me in love.

~ Victoria ~

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