UPDATE: this dog has been saved from death row!

Normally we only post about cats, but here is an emergency for a dog to find a foster home or an adoption place.

Tuesday 24th of August we got this emergency, that made us decide to post on our website and Facebook, although we normally only post about cats.

This dog was found in Manilva, abandoned, tied to the gate of a finca.

He is currently in a municipal kennel.

If he does not find a foster home urgently in 2 days he will be sent to the provincial kennel and if nobody helps him he will be put down. So we urgently need to find a foster home or an adoption place.

Adana does not accept him because he has a dangerous mix but he is very affectionate.

One day later: adopted!

We are so glad that Abigail wanted to adopt him already the next day to have him with her other dogs. She named him Mylo. Amazing that he settled right in with his new little sisters. Look how happy he is on these pictures.


A very big thank you for Abigail to respond immediately and giving him a warm dog-home.

Also many thanks to Eugenio, ou President who played an important role to get the dog released from the kennel.

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