“Hello, my name is Ginger and I live on a paseo in Estepona. I didn’t always live here. I was born at El Faro near to Fishermens place, but had to move when I was young as people were not always friendly and I was frightened.

I came to live on the paseo when my Mom disappeared and have been living here ever since. I have a place to sleep and to shelter from the rain and the sun. I think that I’m about 3 years old now and very fit and healthy. A nice lady took me to see the vet who gave me something called a vaccination and I had an operation to take something away, but I’m not sure what it is, but it didn’t hurt anyway.

The people here are friendly and look after me, give me food and spend some time with me. I love to be stroked and played with. In the summer there are lots of people around so I get lots of attention and treats.”

Ginger is a real cat that is cared for by AGYA

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