Gatos y Amigos

Please can you help to equip the first charity vet clinic for stray cats in Spain.

We are AGYA , Asociación Gatos y Amigos.
We have been working to help stray cats since 2013.
Our focus is to TNR to help keep urban colonies under control. Sometimes it feels like endless work but we never give up!

We also rescue and never turn our back on any cat who needs us.

We have started this dream project and pride ourselves to be the first charity vet clinic for cats in Spain.

To date, we have invested more than € 60.000 on the construction of the installations, Money that has come out of our own pockets and now it’s time for us to ask for your help.

We urgently need € 47.000 worth of equipment.

Yearly we spend more than € 30.000 only in spaying and neutering feral cats.
Plus we spend around 8.000€ per month in bills from different clinics we use currently.

Our aim is to be able to sustain AGYA ourselves and that is the reason we are here today asking for your charity to help us open our very own vet clinic.

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