I first became involved in animal welfare when I moved to Spain in 2002, it was only sporadic then as I was working full time. When I changed to part time I began to help with the fundraising side and that included working on the Sabinillas Sunday market stall with a group of volunteers, lovely dedicated, irritating, hard working souls, as you find in any passionate group.

Eventually the group reformed and became Gatos y Amigos based in Estepona,  their remit was the capture, neutering and return (CNR) of feral cats, to try and reduce the numbers and this is still working very well. It is now a registered charity (AGYA) and is working with the local authority and supported by the local vets.

Obviously these cats need to be supported and there are a number of volunteers that feed them around the Estepona area, they also monitor the cats health and get them vets help when necessary.
The ayuntamiento has installed feeding stations and these are checked regularly. 
The food is a large part of our expenses and the money for this is raised at fund raising events but in these difficult times it is not possible.

If you would like to become a member or to make a donation to help please contact.

Liz 🐾🐾

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