Gatos y Amigos


cats who have found a new home



Dalí is a kitten rescued from a car engine. Fortunately, we were alerted in time and were able to rescue him. He is a very cuddly and quiet boy who loves attention. Do you give him a chance to enter your home?

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Ariel is a very affectionate little girl who is looking for a permanent home. She loves to be on top of you. Her coat is a spectacular colour, and, as you know, no two tricolours are the same. She is wormed and ready to start a new adventure with her family. She is about 10

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Male, about 8/9 weeks old. He was rescued with his siblings at a roundabout on the motorway where they were in great danger of being run over. He is a sweetheart and purrs all the time.As soon as he sees you coming with his can of food, he goes crazy and starts his locomotive and

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Lucca is the third of the siblings. Beautiful, intelligent and adventurous.

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Flavio is Marco‘s brother. His mother has tested negative for feline immunodeficiency and leukaemia. Flavio loves cuddles, especially kisses on his belly.

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Marco is a male kitten ready for adoption. He is handsome, playful and at the same time affectionate.

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Daphni is a beautiful female domestic kitten of approx 8 months old and looking for her forever home. Daphni is house trained, very playful and likes to watch TV. She is very friendly and loves to be cuddled. She has not had a very good start in life after being abandoned by her previous owner.

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Blueblue Male kitten 6-7 weeks old de wormed and checked over by vet. For information call Jim +34 682 35 22 77

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Tom. – Este tierno gatito tiene 6 meses de edad y se encuentra esterilizado. He is affectionate, although sometimes he is a little afraid, but this is not a problem, with a little love he will be the perfect companion for your home, he will surely fill your days with joy.  Tom- Felizmente Adoptado.  Carolina

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Rosco is a sweet, calm and very very affectionate male panther. He purrs at the sight of you and melts when you pet him. He is one and a half years old. It will bring peace and serenity to your home if you decide to adopt it. He is neutered, tested negative for diseases and

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Blanca Approximately 8 years old, neutered with chip, has lived with dogs. The owner is deceased.

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Christmas miracles do exist!

Yesterday Lily and Nisse moved into their new home, to a wonderful family. They will be very happy and well cared for there. We wish that all animals who are abandoned or alone will have the same luck.. Merry Christmas to all! Read more about Lily and Nisse

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Lily and Nisse

Urgently looking for a forever home Lily and Nisse are semi-domestic cats, living outside in an Urbanization in Casares Costa. Although they are very friendly and not making any problems, the community of that urb. want’s to “get rid” of all cats. Nisse is the daughter of Lily and they happily live together, but don’t

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Hello, my name is Niko and I am an active and curious male. I love to play and look for new places to explore. Peekaboo, will you be part of my new family?

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Emi and Mia

Emi and Mia are two fluffy kittens left to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere. But with a lot of care and pampering they have grown up and are ready to fill your home with love and play. Take the plunge and adopt these two cuties. Joint adoption only.

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Oreo is a super sociable and purring male. It looks bigger than he is. Less than 3 months old We don’t know his story, he appeared crying in the window of an adoptive mother, starving to death. He seems to have some bruises, the result of trying to escape from somewhere. He is a sweety!

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Very happy little black cat “Michu” is looking for a forever home. 3 months ago at Urb. princess Kristina we took him out of the street where he was in danger. He has had his first vaccination. Info: Carolina

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Hello, my name is Lola, and I’m looking for flatmates. I am a clean and neat cat, I like to play all day and sleep at night. I am very affectionate and a good eater, I get on well with dogs and cats. I’m a real player! I am looking for a human family that

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Fiorella and Alessandra

Hello, we are Fiorella and Alessandra and although we are very happy here, we have had a very bad time because a very evil human left us on the street with our siblings. But luckily someone rescued us in time and a fantastic mummy has brought us out of the bottle and we look so

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Grillo, the oldest of the cats abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Almost 3 months of sweetness. Grillo purrs at the sight of you and loves to be in your arms.He is very very affectionate and playful. Ready to fill your home with love and pleasure.

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Nero is 6/7 weeks old. It was abandoned in the middle of nowhere.Super nice, friendly and playful.He loves to play and jump with his brothers and sisters. Dewormed and ready to find a family.

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Aidan y Nadia

Aidan and Nadia are brother and sister. Almost one year old. Sterilised. Not vaccinated yet. They are a lovely pair of cats in one of our foster homes, but looking for an permanent joint adoption. Ria

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Pecco was rescued along with his brothers Saul and Rory from an irrigation manhole in the countryside. They were on the verge of drowning when their mummy went desperately to the adjoining field to ask a human for help. Thanks to them, they are alive today, and today they deserve, more than ever, the chance

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Saul was rescued along with his brothers Pecco and Rory from an irrigation manhole in the countryside. They were on the verge of drowning when their mummy went desperately to the adjoining field to ask a human for help. Thanks to them, they are alive today, and today they deserve, more than ever, the chance

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Golden and Honey

Golden Golden and Honey were rescued at a large construction site while machines were clearing the ground. Their mother probably panicked when she heard the loud noises, but hours went by and she didn’t come back for them, so we had to take care of them so they wouldn’t starve to death. Their human mum

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Guinevere is another female of our Arthurian Saga. Lively and intelligent, she loves to be surrounded by her siblings and to play.

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Merlin, the youngest of our Arthurian Saga, will captivate you with the magic in his eyes. Let yourself be carried away by its spell.

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Morgana is the first female of our Arthurian Saga. Lively and fun, she will make a good companion for playing.

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Lili, the pretty girl, is Naya‘s sister. Curious and independent, she will give you fun times if you give her the chance to share your life.

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Naya is a fun-loving and affectionate little girl. Together with his sister Lili, he is waiting for arms that will give him lots and lots of cuddles.

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SINKA, this beauty 8 weeks old, has a shy and sweet character, he is waiting for the love of a loving family. Margarita

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SIMON, this 8 week old kitten, has just started to eat on his own, he is very friendly, loving and playful. Margarita

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Sofia is a beautiful tortoiseshell female rescued with her 5 other siblings. Sweet and delicate, she will be a ray of light that illuminates her final home, just like the rays of light in her hair. Margarita

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Seldon, Sultán y Sting

SELDON, SULTAN and STING, the three black jewels, with only 8 weeks old these precious little black kittens are looking for a home with a good family. Much affection Margarita

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Semla is one of many abandoned kittens that appear in the middle of nowhere and are rescued. She is 8 weeks old and is dewormed, Trivalent vaccinated and ready to go to her new home and fill it with love and happiness.

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Isis is one of the many kittens that become a broken toy and are thrown in a rubbish bin… She was lucky that a colleague found her and took her to a vet to cure her pus-filled eyes. She has become a model kitten full of love and eager to share many hours of play

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Alhambra, a black/white male, about 2 months old, appeared crying, alone and sad at the Casares Recycling Plant. They didn’t hesitate to let us know and with a lot of pampering and care he has been getting stronger and has already grown the little hair he was missing. He is very affectionate, funny and curious.

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Felisa was rescued after she was hit by a car. She was injured with a broken tail and part of her tail had to be amputated. She is a bouncy, active and affectionate cat, and now she is just looking for a chance to be with a loving family.

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VALERIA, 10 weeks old, affectionate and playful kitten, looking for a home. Valeria was rescued with her sisters Carla and Lucrecia so that she could grow up away from the dangers of the street. She is so affectionate that she always asks to be held in your arms. Let yourself be pampered by this little

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CARLA, this beautiful doll of only 10 weeks old, is looking for a home where she can be pampered. This friendly, affectionate and playful little girl is Carla, and she is looking for a family to spoil her and give her lots of love. You could also adopt his sisters Valeria and Lucrezia.

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LUCRECIA, beautiful Siamese 10 weeks old, affectionate and playful. Lucrecia has an intense and curious look and wonders if someone will adopt her and her sisters Valeria and Carla.

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JENNY, 8 months old kitten, spayed, very affectionate, she was abandoned by her family and doesn’t know how to live in the street. Susana Vigil 626865870

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AARON, this beautiful two month old black kitten has had part of his tail amputated, he was found with necrosis, now recovered he is ready for adoption.

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JENZO, male, 2 months old, his mother and siblings have died, the only survivor has been left alone crying in the bushes next to a road.

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WOLF, neutered male, 8 years old, gets on well with other cats and dogs.

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Freddie was rescued with his siblings from a cardboard box under a skip. He has seen his siblings leave and start a new life with their adoptive parents. Now wait for a chance and don’t just look at its colour. He is a lovely, fun loving and active kitten. Do you want to be part

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Lili and Hela

Hela and Lili have suffered the scorn of life from birth, as they were abandoned in a rubbish bin with their siblings, but as luck would have it, a cleaner rescued them in the nick of time. They have been pampered by their foster mum and are now ready to join a new family. Would

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MANOLIN, male two and a half years old, very affectionate cat He gets on well with other cats.

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PELUSIN, male, 6 years old, very good and affectionate. He gets on well with other cats.

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Harry and Sally

Harry and Sally were rescued in Alcazaba Beach. They are brother and sister and are adorable together. Therefore this is for a joint adoption. At their foster home they have been socialized happy playful kittens of 11 weeks old. Vet checkup, vaccination, dewormed etc.  foster Mum Carol 5th August Harry and Sally are a fabulous

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JAIRO, 12 weeks old tabby male. This little tiger is a love kitten who is looking for a loving family.

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Zena female, Siamese. Tabbi point 2 months ready to have a home and give you moments of happiness, beautiful and affectionate as well as precious. You will fall in love with her.

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Luna. Female, 4 months. Very good and cuddly, be near her and she starts purring. She is pure love and tenderness, this shiny little panther.

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CUQUI, male, two months old, is an angel of love and tenderness. Adopt? Are you falling in love?

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Freddie, Summer, May and Fito

Summer, Freddie and May were abandoned in a cardboard box under a skip. Alone, cold and hungry, a lady took them in and they ended up in a foster home with their rescuer. Fito, only 3 days old, was rescued hours later along with his little sisters, but they did not survive. And luck arrived

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This little cutie is Chispita. She is about 7 weeks old. She was rescued with her siblings two or three days after birth because their mother left them and did not come back for them; a frightened young mother who did not know what to do. We tried to get a new mum who had

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Pinky and Brain

Pinky and Brain are two sisters.They are 6 weeks old.They were collected from a colony where the CES protocol is being applied. They had bad eyes but were taken to the vet and treated and are now well! They are so cute! Very active and playful!A joint adoption would be ideal, two is always better

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Nora is looking for a home! Abandoned in front of a veterinary clinic, in a cardboard box.Whoever left her wanted her to be found, as if the act of abandoning her would be less cruel… It is a little one! She is about 6 weeks old and you can tell she has been raised with

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Rayo, female, 7 weeks. A friendly and funny tortoiseshell, intelligent, risk-taking and lively. Very affectionate, when you approach her she immediately starts her little love engine, “run run run run”.

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Juanito is a beautiful 8 week old blond baby boy. He has a peculiar coat, not the simple stripes of a tabby cat, but rather spectacular patterns on his coat. He is cuddly and playful. He lets himself be loved and gives you the best purrs. At the beginning he is a bit shy, the

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Floky is looking for a home! 6 weeks of love She was abandoned at just three days old at the feeding station of a controlled colony with his siblings. We waited a few hours to see if the mummy would turn up, deluded, thinking that it might have been the mummy who left them there

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Archer the archer is looking for a home 6 weeks of love He was abandoned at just three days old at the feeding station of a controlled colony with his siblings Max and Kendall.We waited a few hours to see if the mummy would turn up, deluded, thinking that it might have been the mummy

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Kendall is looking for a home. 6 weeks of love She was abandoned when she was only three days old at the feeding station of a controlled colony together with her brothers Max and Archer. We waited a few hours to see if the mummy appeared, deluded, thinking that it could have been the mummy

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Precious is a very special kitten. She turned up at one of the colony feeding points, scared and alone, and the feeder rescued her. She was given a roof over her head, food and lots of love, and has grown into a sweet, playful and independent kitten. Precious will be your life companion. Will you

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Freya is a black kitten, not one of many, she is unique. Her brothers Loki and Thor have already been adopted, and she has been left alone, waiting for someone to see not only her “colour”, but an intelligent, playful and very affectionate kitten. Forget your prejudices and let yourself be pampered by this mini

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6 gatitos

Marina, Maika, Minnie, Jimi, Janis and Amy

Adopted MARINA, 5 weeks old kitten, born the 8th of april, she is shy and affectionate, this beautiful panther is looking for a home where she will be loved. MAIKA, 5 weeks old black kitten, born on April 8th, together with her sisters, is looking for a family so she doesn’t go back to the

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Buffy bufiditos is looking for a home

This beautiful girl, almost three months old, is looking for a permanent home. She was rescued a few weeks ago with her mummy and her 5 little brothers and sisters, but no one noticed her 🥺 Maybe because she is the shy one…. Buffy needs a little home where she can have some time, she

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Arthur and Bob found a new home again!

Tuesday our cat-friend and host of our coffee-mornings, Pim from “de la Mar” contacted us, that he found a very young kitten in Estepona harbour. The kitten was in extremely poor condition, so we had to urgently arrange a foster home and medical help. Luckily Carol and Tony, who already saved a lot of street

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Coco y Chanel

Coco, a ginger male, and Chanel, a tricolour female, are playful and affectionate kittens who are eager to fill your home with joy. They were rescued from the street because their eyes needed treatment, but after recovering, they are ready to go to a new family. Adoption may be joint or separate. Let yourself be

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Lila is a beautiful 8 week old Tabby Point Siamese. She is cheerful and playful. She was rescued with her siblings in the bush, where she had no human contact, so she is a bit shy and timid at first. But with patience and love, she is sure to trust that special person who wants

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HORY, male, 5 years old, neutered, dewormed, vaccines and chip up to date. Very good and affectionate with adults.

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Tita She is 6 months old, spayed, tested negative, vaccinated and dewormed.She is ready to go to her new home! She is a beautiful kitten but she needs more time to adapt to her new home.We are looking for someone with experience with cats for her because she is very shy but at the same

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Coco Male, 2 years old. Sterilized, tested negtive, wormed and vaccinated.

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Nina Female, 3 years old. Sterilized, tested negtive, wormed and vaccinated. Friendly, good with dogs and children.

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Garfield and Pecosa

Joint adoption Garfield Male, 7 months. Sterilized, tested negtive, wormed and vaccinated. Pecosa Female, 7 months. Sterilized, tested negtive, wormed and vaccinated. Friendly, good with dogs and children

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Eric and Layla

Eric, blond/white male, and Layla, tricolour female. Affectionate and playful brother and sister about 6 months old. They are neutered and have been tested negative. Fine with children, but not with dogs.

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I am Marvel. I was adopted through the association. This is my first Christmas and I couldn’t be having a better time. They put a tree full of toys for me. And I’m also hearing rumours from my perri-brother and my kitten-brothers that tomorrow three wise men will arrive and leave this place full of

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Chispito and Negri

Chispito (male) and Negri (female) have always been together, because they are brother and sister, so they are looking for a joint adoption. They are 2,5 years old.Sterilized, wormed. Update 22nd February: adopted! ~ Eugenio ~ Happy Adoption Actualización del 22 de febrero.Chispito and Negri have found a loving family in Malaga. We are always

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Cinthia and Tiffany

Cinthia and Tiffany are still looking for a new home where they give them all the love in the world. Tiffany, Siamese three colour female cat of approximately one year old. Sterilized, wormed and tested negative. Cinthia, 6 month old female cat. Wormed. Let them fill your home with happiness. Tiffany Cinthia

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Red and Boo

Red and Boo (male and female) approximately 5 months old.They have a lot of temperament and need a family with space like in the “campo”. They are not “lap cats” that snuggle up, but they are friendly when fed. Their brothers / sisters have already been adopted.

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Felix - cat for adoption


Felix is a domestic cat of approximately 1 year old, that has been abandoned on the streets….. He likes human company a lot and tries to be friends with other cats. Because he was abandoned he like a lot of attention and cuddling. He is already castrated and will be vaccinated. ~ Anetta ~

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Tito is a loving and playful cat. He gets along well with other cats. He is currently 6 months old, has been neutered, tested negative and vaccinated(Update January 16th) December 3rd ~ Carolina ~ January 16th

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Little Nando. 3-month-old male kitten. Very affectionate and sociable.

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Scooty and

Nemo and Nino

Nemo and Nino – joint adoption! Both males 8 weeks old, had their first vaccine. They are both very cuddly and friendly, they eat anything and love playing!

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Zipi and Zape

Zipi and Zape are two brother male kittens.3,5 month old. Wormed. Can you give them lots of love in a new home? ~ Eugenio ~

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Have a look at the happy adoption of Timy Timy is ready for adoption, he’s 3 months old, he has lost one eye, but he can see perfectly with the other one and he’s got a normal life. He has been vaccinated, wormed and tested. He is perfectly fine. He’s playful and loving, he’s an

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PEPA, beautiful black cat of 6 months old, wormed, very affectionate, abandoned in the Polígono, she is our soul to see this beautifulness of soft hair and asking for love that no one wants to give it to her. ~ Margarita ~

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Didi, a sterilized female cat with negative results. Very friendly. She is approximately 9 months old. ~ Enni ~

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Pipí Lanstru

PIPO LANSTRU, beautiful Carey of 4 months, wormed, playful, affectionate, gets along well with dogs and other cats, she is still a baby who needs much care ~ Margarita ~

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Nefertiti, female 4 and a half months old with all vaccines and wormed. She gets along well with dogs and other cats. ~ Margarita ~

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Petra is 9 months old. Sterilized, daily vaccinations, passport and chip. ~ Margarita ~

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Teka - cat for adoption


TEKA, a 8-week-old carey kitten, she has spectacular fur and her eyes already convey her inner beauty to you. Update November 1: 11 weeks old now ~ Margarita ~ 6 semanas 11 semanas 11 semanas

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Bimbo for adoption


BIMBO, is an 8-week-old male kitten, sweet and affectionate looking for a family that loves you and gives you all the love you need. October 14, update. Adopted!

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Opalo for adoption


ÓPALO, at just 8 weeks old, is a spectacular and different kitten for its colors and fur.

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Obsidian for adoption


OBSIDIAN is a beautiful dark black female kitten. This beautiful baby panther is only 8 weeks old, it is totally sociable and affectionate. Adoption is possible as of November 3 ~ Laura ~

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Oyra for adoption

Ónix (Oyra)

OYRA, is a beautiful 8-week-old female cat, affectionate and playful, this beautiful kitten was found lying to her fate in the trash, needs a home and a lot of love. ~ Margarita ~

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Ash for adoption


Ash is a 5-month-old kitten, affectionate and playful, trapped and rescued from among the reeds, is neutered and dewormed. ~ Margarita ~

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Gretel - cat for adoption


GRETEL beautiful 6-month tabby kitten, her mom died and she was left alone in love, looking for a home where she feels loved and protected. ~ Margarita ~ (Update December 6th).

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